We get asked many of the same questions over and over again, so we thought we would write them down as a resource to our customers. If you have a question not addressed below, we are more than happy to answer it for you. Just give us a call.

General Questions About Roofing Companies

Anyone using a contractor that is not insured to save a few bucks is foolish at best, and a way
bigger gambler than they may have imagined. Roofing is a dangerous business and very hard work.
One slip can result in a fall causing serious injury, and back injuries are common, which makes
hiring a contractor without workman’s comp very risky.

Although state laws exempt home owners from these suits, you can rest assured some attorney
is going to name you personally in a law suit, forcing you to hire an attorney to get dismissed
from the suit. Just as risky is the weather when it comes to roofing. Thunderstorms can blow up
rapidly, and even the most experienced crews can get caught in the rain. An uncovered roof in a rain
storm can cause significant damage to the interior of a home. Most contractors without general public
liability insurance are not financially secure enough to repair major damage to your home.

The option of not paying them does not work too well if they just don’t come back. Uninsured
contractors can work much cheaper than properly insured ones. Weigh the risks before hiring the
uninsured to save a few bucks for the insurance company.


Georgia has no licensing requirements at all. This means that anyone with a hammer and a ladder can be in the ‘roofing business’ instantly. Uninsured contractors can work much cheaper than properly insured ones, so weigh the risks before hiring the
uninsured to save a few bucks for the insurance company.

Accent Roofing Services have taken and passed residential roofing tests approved by (ICBO).
Your home is your biggest investment, don’t hire someone with limited knowledge and experience to repair it.

When a severe hail storm hits an area, most if not all local roofing companies are ill equipped to handle the increased demand on their business. Most of them will be approached by “stormers or fly by night roofers” and offered a significant amount of money to lease their name and phone number and almost all of them will reach some kind of agreement with the stormer.

With bad weather, you can imagine there are a lot of these types of roofing companies. Accent Roofing Service has never and will never sell out to stormers! Home improvement contractors will instantly be in the roofing business, as well as anyone else with a phone number and yellow page listing for lease. This leaves you, the consumer, with no idea who you are hiring, where they are from, or what their real reputation is. The local contractor that doesn’t sell out is forced to supplement his labor force from wherever he can, once again leaving you in the dark as to who is repairing your home and how qualified they really are.

Use caution, choose a company that is actually what and who it says it is. Accent Roofing Service has been and always will be family owned and operated.

Without question the most important part of our organization are our roofing crews. Some of our crews have been with us since we began, and all of our crews are crews that we are familiar with. One thing you can be assured of is that our crews were ROOFERS way before it your roof needed replaced or before it hailed in your neighborhood. Our crews assure that all roofing will be done properly, and that the finished product will pass inspection.

Also, and probably more important, is the pride the crews take in the clean-up. They understand the pride and effort you have invested in your property, and will take all the precautions possible to protect your landscaping. Accent Roofing Service crews are the best available and have been screened carefully. Other contractors may well be using crews that could not meet our standards.

We are roofing specialists. We can refer you to excellent craftsmen in other trades, but roofing is our only business.

We wouldn’t be in business if we didn’t believe that we are your best and safety choice. We are local, well established, committed to excellence and family owned. Owner involvement is our strongest selling point.

We try to provide estimates within 24 hours of receiving a call. Repairs can usually be done the day following approval. Full roofs can usually be installed within 7-10 days following approval.

Repairs take less than one day. Most roofs can be completed in one or two day’s time.

Yes. We supply certificates and an Agency phone number.

Yes. We service the entire Metro Atlanta area as well as Athens, Georgia and Savannah, Georgia.

You don’t have to be a roofing expert to make an excellent informed decision. Just be sure that you understand the project, price, and payment terms.

Flexible Financing Options

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Insurance Claims

We have compiled a list of common insurance companies and the phone numbers for filing a claim.

American Family800-374-1111
Auto Owners517-323-1200
Liberty Mutual800-2CLAIMS
State Farm800-SF-CLAIM

The duty of an insurance adjuster is to give you an accurate accounting of everything that was damaged by the storm and a written estimate of what it will cost to put your property back to the condition it was in prior to the storm. Remember, this is only an estimate and actual costs may vary. This is easily resolved between the adjuster and the contractor. In any case you are going to be liable for the amount of your deductible and no more. The adjuster will either leave you a statement of loss or you will receive it in the mail in a few days. The statement of loss will itemize your losses, and the estimated cost of repair for each.

Most home owner policies are replacement cost and will pay that amount even though the actual cost may exceed the adjusters estimate. The loss statement will reflect the replacement cost value (RCV), the depreciation, and the actual cash value(ACV) of your loss. The (ACV) column of the statement will reflect the amount of your first check minus your deductible. The depreciation column should be called the deferred column as it reflects the money held back by the insurance company until the work is complete and an invoice is submitted by the contractor for payment. The insurance company will then issue another check to you for the exact amount between the final bill, and (ACV) portion of your first check relating to that particular repair.

The (ACV) and the depreciation columns of your statement will total up to the (RCV) column of the statement. Insurance companies hold back money to track whether or not repairs are made and to insure that they pay no more than the replacement cost of the damage. Most insurance companies send catastrophe teams into storm situations, and the adjusters come from all over the country to work the claims. Although most are well trained and experienced some are not, and would not know hail damage if it hit them on the head. In any case, the adjusters are representing the insurance companies and it is the company’s interest they are hired to protect.

For that reason, they will tell you to get estimates to repair the damage, most will not tell you that you are spending your time shopping for the insurance company, as they have held out money as depreciation and will pay only the (RCV) for the repairs. As time goes on many home owners will realize that it is reputable companies like Infinity Roofing & Siding that are actually looking after their interests in the repair process.

Storm Damage Frequently Asked Questions

Granules cover matting and act as the roof’s sunscreen. When hail hits the roof, the granules may be knocked loose and are washed away with weather, leaving the matting exposed. This gives the sun the opportunity to burn holes in the matting, eventually causing severe damage and leaks. Hail can also effect siding and gutters, which may need immediate attention to avoid further damage and costly repairs.

…chances are it’s still there. Some damage cannot be seen from the ground. Let our experts do a FREE INSPECTION to see if your roof, siding, or gutters need replacement or repairs.

Virtually nothing! This is why you pay HOMEOWNER’S INSURANCE! Our insurance claim specialists work directly with you and your insurance company. All this takes is a phone call and a few minutes of your time.

We meet the insurance adjuster at the home while an inspection is done to make sure all damages are assessed. The settlement check is given directly to the homeowner from the insurance company. Our crews start work and a new roof is put on! It’s literally that simple!

ACT NOW!! Insurance companies will only allow you up to TWO YEARS from the date of the storm damage to file your claim. If you sustain leaks or any kind of damage due to this storm more than a year from now, you will have to pay out of pocket for the repairs unless you file your claim soon!

Do you think you may have Storm Damage?

Request a FREE storm damage inspection and repair estimate.