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Roof Replacement and Roof Repair in Atlanta GA

Re-roofing through an insurance claim? Let us help!

We work with insurance adjusters daily and know the process. No matter where you are in the process of your homeowner’s insurance claim, we can support you in moving the process forward with more speed and ease. Unfortunately, the insurance process is not set up for the benefit of the insured. The process can be complex, redundant and has a tendency to get “stuck”. We know how to get things moving and the unique differences between various insurance companies. You are busy enough without adding more to your plate. Let us help – at no additional charge.

Free Roof Inspection

Our roofing inspectors are trained to identify all types of weather-related damage. A free roof inspection with one of our licensed inspectors will give you a good idea if your roof will qualify for a free roof replacement from your insurance company. We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners with storm damage claims. Let us help you fix your roof and make your home safe again.