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How Do I Take Care of My Roof

When it comes to roofing, it’s often the things you don’t see that make the biggest impact. But how do you take care of your roof when you can’t always see the things that matter most?  The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to take to the rafters to maintain your roof – there’s a lot you can do with a ladder and a little bit of elbow grease. Check out our guide to proper roof maintenance and make sure your roof is in peak condition year-round.  General Roof Maintenance 🗸 Keep your gutters clean Each season brings with it debris that can end up in your gutters. Making sure that your gutters are clean and free of blockages all year is important to maintaining the quality of your roof. If water can’t flow freely down your gutters and away from your home, it can cause a whole lot of trouble, from your basement to your ceiling. Roof decking rot caused by gutter backup is an easy thing to prevent. Get up on a ladder every now and again or call a professional gutter cleaning service to clear out any obstructions.   🗸  Trim back trees and landscaping While tree limbs close to your home can make for a picturesque landscape, they can cause some ugly problems. Limbs and branches knocked loose during a storm can cause immediate damage to your roof and provide easy access for squirrels and other critters to invade your home.  As tree branches and other landscaping starts growing a little too close to your home or roof, trim it back a few feet to make sure it won’t cause any issues during a sudden bout of bad weather. You also want to make sure shrubs and other ground landscaping allows enough space for your gutters to properly drain water away from your home to prevent damage to your foundation.  Seasonal Roof Maintenance Tips Most roof maintenance tips can be applied all year, but each season brings unique circumstances that need to be addressed in a timely manner.  Fall 🗸 Prepare your gutters for fall While you need to pay attention to your gutters year-round, fall deserves a little bit of special attention. With the volume of falling leaves raining down on your roof, it’s very easy for your gutters to get clogged, causing water to back up into…

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Is Your Roof Damaged? How to Tell?

Sometimes it can be tricky to determine whether or not a roof is damaged. In fact, most homeowners actually ignore the signs of roofing decay until they notice a leak or ceiling damage, and by then it’s too late. So how can you determine if your roof requires a replacement or is in need or repair before it happens? Here are the three most common signs to look for: Bows or bends in the roofing Bows and bends in your roof may seem insignificant, but underneath lies a much larger problem. It could be a sign of inefficient shingles, roofing decay, and, at worst, large structural integrity loss. These symptoms can lead to overall roof integrity failure, so get it checked out as soon as you can. Roofing shingles or gutter falling off One of the more obvious items on this list, but surprisingly also overlooked. Most people write this off as only a small problem, but can lead to larger problems like water damage due to lack of water resistant shingles and, if left alone, roofing decay. Old age and shingle buckling Another silent but dangerous symptom, aging damage and shingle buckling is an inevitability for roofing that is not constantly maintained. If your home is older than 10 years, you should get your roofing inspected for damages. If your home is older than 25 years and you have not done any roofing maintenance, you are in danger of major roofing damage. Get it checked out immediately! Still have questions, unsure about your roofing situation? Accent Roofing is ready to schedule your free comprehensive inspection.1-770-277-4869

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Choose the Best Roofing Company in Lawrenceville

Is it time to hire a roofing contractor in Lawrenceville, GA? You have options when it comes to hiring a roofing contractor in Lawrenceville. Choosing between roofers can feel overwhelming. How do you know when you’ve selected a professional? Will they do good work on your house? Are their prices reasonable? At Accent Roofing, we’re a leader in residential roofing in Lawrenceville and all of Gwinnett County. We’ve performed hundreds of roof replacements throughout North Georgia, in Lawrenceville, Grayson, Jefferson, and beyond. Lawrenceville homeowners (and business owners!) call us each and every day to schedule repairs, regular inspections, and to get no-obligation roof replacement quotes. We understand that you’ve got options. Whether you choose to use us for your next roof repair or not, we want to be sure you’re getting the kind of service you deserve from a professional roofer in Suwannee. Here are a few things to keep in mind. Lawrenceville Roofing Contractors Should be Insured and Licensed Roofing is a highly-skilled industry. Beware GMs who say they “do roofing” or the guy who’s a friend of a friend with a ladder. Your roof is your home’s last line of protection against the elements, so hiring someone who’s totally licensed and experienced is important. Look for roofing industry certifications such as those from GAF or the Professional Roofer Advisory Council. Also ask to see the licenses and certifications your roofer’s company has, as well as proof of insurance. Local Roofing Contractors Should Have Local References The internet is a great place to gather information, but be skeptical of online reviews. They should be considered holistically rather than one-by-one; when you research a particular roofer, do they have more positive client reviews than negative ones? Do they have any reviews at all? Are their reviews anonymous, or are they backed by industry reviewers like Angie’s List or Kudzu? You can bet that if a roofing company in Lawrenceville has received any notable local awards for service (such as the “Best of Gwinnett” title), they’re living up to their service promises. Roofing Companies Should Educate, Not Just Supply At Accent Roofing, we think an educated consumer is a good consumer. It’s important to us to put information in the hands of our clients so they can make informed decisions about one of the most important components of their home: the roof.…

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Is it Time to Replace Your Roof?

Each year as you complete typical annual maintenance around your Lawrenceville home, we recommend that you also take the time to inspect your roof. Here are some of the common ways you can know whether your roof needs to be repaired or replaced. You want to ensure your roof is in good condition in order to protect the integrity of your home and keep the rain out. Broken or Missing Shingles As shingles wear out, they become brittle and break. When you notice bare spots on your roof from shingles that have gone missing, it’s time to do something. Noticing broken pieces off your shingles may mean that just a few shingles need to be replaced, but if it is a pattern that you see repeating across the roof, it’s probably time to have a new roof installed. Shingles Curling at the Edges Singles that spend a lot of time in the heat can begin to curl up at the edges as they wear out. This curling can lead to problems in windy weather as the wind can catch the uplifted edges and pull them up further, allowing rain to blow under. Missing Granules The granules on your shingles can be washed away over time, leaving bare spots. While this may not seem like a huge deal, it does show significant wear on your roof and may indicate the need for replacement. It can also indicate the need to repair other parts of your roof as an increased amount of water from drainage problems can cause uneven wear. Buckling Shingles A buckle in your shingles is a lifted ridge, almost like a bubble, that usually runs vertically up the roof. Two possible causes for buckling include if your previous roof was not installed properly or if the underlayment was wet when the shingles were placed over it. That said, even a properly installed roof can begin to buckle with age. The problem with this is that the wind can easily catch those shingles and pull them off the roof, leaving bare places where water can enter your home. Inspect Flashings on the Roof The last aspect of your roof that you want to inspect is the flashing. Flashing is installed over the roof itself at any fixture on the roof, such as the chimney. You may have flashing around a skylight…

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Roof Damaged After a Storm? What to do After a Summer Storm

Roof Damaging Thunderstorms are all too common here in Georgia. Hail is produced when thunderstorms occur in tandem with strong updrafts, forcing layered ice particles to fall to the ground. Mostly, though, they happen when it’s inconvenient. If you’ve never experienced property damage after a severe thunderstorm, count yourself lucky. In 2018 alone there were over 6,045 “major” hail storms causing over $1.8 billion in damage across the U.S. Much of the damage was done to commercial and residential structures that needed significant roof repair. Here at Accent Roofing, we’re never busier than after a hail storm. As a Gwinnett County roofing contractor, we’ve repaired thousands of hail-damaged roofs across North Georgia. Here’s what you should do immediately after a severe thunderstorm. Inspect the DamageOnce it’s safe to go outside, take a walk around your property. You can often see storm and hail damage to your roof from the ground, from missing shingles to pock-marked flashing. If you notice visible signs of damage from below, it’s imperative to call a local roofing contractor in Gwinnett County immediately to ensure water can’t get in. If the storm was serious but you don’t see damage, you may still have latent issues that require roof repair. Look for SignsHail damage to residential roofing looks different from property to property. On asphalt roofs (common here in Georgia), damage often appears in the form of cracked or missing shingles, granule loss, or exposed fiberglass mat. Some damage might only be noticeable by a local roofing contractor walking the roof, such as loose self-seal strips or cracked fiberglass mats. Call a Roofing ContractorAccent Roofing is often called in to perform roof repair in Gwinnett County and elsewhere after a large hail storm. Once a contractor is on site, they’ll typically talk with you about damage you’ve noticed then perform a thorough inspection of your roof and related systems. From there, you should receive a written estimate of damage and a timeline for roof repair or roof replacement, if necessary. Understand the DamageThunderstorm and hail damage can be surprisingly detrimental to the structural integrity of your roof. Missing shingles and/or cracked mats can allow moisture to seep into your home. Although on the surface it may appear that individual shingles can simply be replaced, severe damage may mean an entire roof replacement is necessary to properly protect your home. If your…

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