About Roofborn 101

For every 100 roofs we install, Accent Roofing Service gives one absolutely free to a homeowner facing difficult times. We call this program, “Roofborn 101.”

Our hope is that Roofborn 101 will have the honor of coming to the rescue to at least 10 families in need of a roof in 2021. You can help just by choosing Accent Roofing Service as your contractor!

Naturally, we don’t expect you to choose us just because of Roofborn 101. We expect you to demand high quality, a competitive price and a solid warranty. But if we pass all those tests—and any other test you throw our way—we hope that Roofborn 101 might nudge you in our direction when you’re “torn between two roofers!

Roofborn charity roofing program
7 Roofs Donated So Far in 2021
770 Roofs Completed So Far This Year
30 More Roofs Needed to Get to the Next Giveaway!

Many, Many Thanks

Phillip & Tom Scribbins
We don’t solicit donations to the Roofborn 101 program; we fund it simply by setting aside one penny for every dollar we earn by doing great work. You can play a big part in the Roofborn 101 effort just by putting us one step closer to our next 100 roofs!

Here’s How it Works

Free roof recipients are chosen by a diverse group of kind-hearted folks from the local community. Each volunteer reads all the nominations, then submits their top three nominees. From the collected nominations, the most-frequently mentioned become finalists. At that point, Accent Roofing Service does a “drive-by” visual inspection of the roof to verify the condition of the roof. Finally, the group chooses a recipient by simple majority vote. Once a recipient is chosen, the fun begins! Usually the winner is unaware of having been nominated, so the “happy dance” is a common reaction! Once the winner is notified, Accent Roofing pays a home visit, material is selected and an installation date is set. On Roofing Day, we don’t install a bargain roof. All Roofborn 101 roofs include the very best we have to offer: Our best installers, Lifetime Architectural shingles, high efficiency ventilation and immaculate cleanup. Our goal is to provide RoofBorn 101 recipients the same level of service we give paying customers like you! RoofBorn 101 winners may choose to remain anonymous, as the details underlying the need for help are often sensitive. We respect the privacy and dignity of every recipient and do not require them to be photographed or to participate in any marketing communications if they choose not to do so.
Accent Roofing give back to community with their Roofborn program