Financing Your Roofing Project

One of the most important and rewarding home improvement projects for a homeowner to take on is a roof replacement. The roof is not only the first layer of protection from inclement weather; it is also a focal point for your home’s aesthetics and curb appeal. However, replacing the roof is a costly endeavor that can impact you in the immediate and long-term if you don’t plan properly. Even before figuring out what kind of roof you want, you need to determine your budget as well as your ability to secure financing—if you don’t already have the budget for it. With the roof, waiting till a rainy day isn’t an option, considering that a shoddy, low-quality roof can potentially cause you even more financial stress than patching up the roof you currently have. The good news is that there are plenty of options available to help you pay for your roof. To help you better understand your options, this guide from the experts at Accent Roofing will cover some of the most common options available to you as a homeowner—and how you can get started on your roof replacement project today. Breaking Down Your Options Before you decide to submit applications left and right for financing, it’s important to understand your options. While a replacement roof is important, it’s equally important that you’re in a good financial position to enjoy it for years to come. Common financial options include: Out-of-Pocket: For those who can afford it, there is no better option than paying out of pocket. This option allows you to save on interest and prevents you from adding another payment to your expenses. However, this option usually requires a healthy amount of savings or assets, which isn’t feasible for everyone.Credit: Credit cards and loans traditionally carry high-interest rates, which can have you paying back far more than the amount you originally financed. However, it’s still a viable option for those who lack other sources of financing.Company Financing: Many roofing companies offer financing in-house due to the expensive nature of a roof replacement project. Because roofing companies establish partnerships with various banks, you can usually get a better financial package than you would by yourself through credit. If you’re in the market to finance your next roofing project than consider looking into what our team at Accent Roofing has to offer our customers. We…

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What’s Makes Up a Residential Roof

A roof is made of different components that keep it strong and durable. All of these parts play a role in making sure you are protected from the elements. It’s important to know what they are and how they work. This can help you understand what purpose they serve. Shingles Your first line of defense in all roofing related matters are the shingles. It is the topmost part of the roof, and goes through the most punishment, enduring everything from rain to sunlight. Any damage to this section calls for immediate roof repair, since it can lead to leaks, debris build up and unexpected animal visitors. Underlayment An essential component of residential roof installation is the underlayment. It is a durable sheet of water-resistant paper that protects your roof from leaks and wind damage. Rolled out just underneath the shingles’ cover, it also helps water runoff. Soffits and Fascia The final primary pieces of your roof are similar in design. Both the soffit and fascia connect your roof to the other parts of your home. The soffits are the underlying pieces connecting your roof to the rafters that provide your attic with ventilation. The fascia, on the other hand, connects each end of the rafters together as part of a long board. Want to learn more about your roof? With more than 30 years in the business, our experience speaks for our proficiency, professionalism and integrity. To learn more about our services, contact us for a free estimate. We offer residential and commercial roofing repairs in the greater Atlanta area. Accent Roofing is your experienced Georgia roofing company.1-770-277-4869

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