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Should You Repair Your Roof or Replace It

There are a lot of reasons to repair your roof. Maybe it’s got a small leak, maybe it’s missing a few shingles, or maybe there’s just some light cracking and warping happening in your underlayer. But how do you know when your roof should be replaced instead of repaired? Of course, a local roofing professional will help you determine what’s best, but here are a few things to know about roof repair vs. roof replacement. Replace Your Roof When…You Can See Daylight in Your Attic You should never be able to see daylight coming into your attic from your roof. If you do, it indicates serious issues with the underlayers of your roofing system and with the impermeable membrane that stands between moisture and the rest of your house. If there are cracks leading up through your roof you can see with your eyes, odds are your roof needs more than a simple tune-up. Replace Your Roof When…Shingles Keep Falling Off One or two missing shingles over the life of your roof isn’t a huge deal. Shingles can be knocked off during storms or heavy winds. But if you notice missing shingles often, you might be headed towards a roof replacement. This is especially true if you’ve already had the missing shingles replaced more than once. Replace Your Roof When…You’re Finding Granules When your shingles start to lose their granules, they’re nearing the end of their effective life. If you spot or feel granules in your gutters, drains, or around the base of your house, your shingles are no longer as efficient as they used to be at repelling water and debris. Most commercial shingles are only rated to last for 10-20 years, so if your roof is older than that you know it’s probably time. Replace Your Roof When…You’ve Got Buckling or Pooling There’s a difference in roofing problems caused by materials that can easily be replaced and those that are caused by structural inefficiencies. If your roof is sagging in spots, pooling water, or otherwise visibly “buckling,” you should have serious concerns. Not only does this make your roof bad at repelling water, it can also leave it vulnerable to collapse. On the flip side… Repair Your Roof When…It’s a One-Time Leak Leaks happen! They’re just a fact of homeownership. A leaky roof isn’t necessarily one that needs to…

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Top 4 Reasons People Need an Emergency Roofer

Roofing problems don’t always come on gradually. Many roofing issues are emergencies, requiring professional assistance right away. Here at Accent Roofing, we know a thing or two about emergency roof repair in Atlanta and beyond…we’ve been helping homeowners recover from roofing issues for over 30 years! What kind of roofing emergencies do we see most often? Here’s what you need to know about four common roof emergencies you’re likely to encounter at some point in your life. 1. Fallen Limbs/Trees By far and away the most common causes of severe roof damage here in Georgia are fallen limbs and uprooted trees. Heavy rains can cause old or diseased trees to fall over, and wind gusts can easily blow large limbs down off from overhanging branches. When these limbs or, worse, whole trees strike a home’s roof, serious damage almost always ensues. If your roof is damaged by a roof or tree, your first order of business is to ensure the safety of everyone in the house; a fallen tree can actually make the structure unstable. Call a 24/7 roofing company right away, and also contact the emergency number of any utilities that might have been affected, such as gas or electric. 2. Sudden Leaks When roofing emergencies happen, leaks are almost always the result. Sometimes a sudden leak is the only sign of a roof emergency! When water is dripping (or more likely, rushing) into your house in the middle of the night you don’t worry so much about where it’s coming from as how you can get it to stop. Emergency roof leaks can cause thousands of dollars in damage in just a few minutes. If you have a leak, do your best to remove any furniture or other vulnerable items from the leak’s path; put down buckets if you can. If the ceiling itself is wet, leave the room in case of structural collapse. And of course, call an all-hours roofer! 3. Storm Damage The term “storm damage” can encompass a lot of things here in north Georgia. In regards to roof damage it usually refers to strong winds, heavy rains, hailstones, or even lightning strikes. Your roof is there to protect your home and its contents from storms, and sometimes it gets damaged in the process. It’s a situation all homeowners need to be prepared for. When your…

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