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Why is My Roof Sagging?

Do you have a saggy roof?Roof sagging is one of the most common complaints from homeowners about their roofs. A sagging roofline – shingles or other roofing materials that appear to “bow” or “bend” at various points on the roof – can indicate many different things.If your roof is sagging, it’s imperative you speak with a professional roofer in your area immediately. Sagging roofs aren’t always structurally deficient but they can lead to much larger problems down the line if not addressed quickly.Here’s what you need to know about why your roof is sagging.What Causes a Sagging Roof?Almost all roof sags are caused by undue pressure on the foundational structure of the roof. Roof framing typically consists of two or more ceiling rafters joined together mid-roof to create a house-long span. When weight accumulates on the roof (from snow, moisture, or debris), it exerts unusual pressure on the roof, pushing the sides of the entire building out. Even when the force is slight, the underlying roofing components can be affected.In some cases, roof sagging isn’t structural at all. Rotten or saturated sheathing can also cause the roof line to sag. This can happen when the sheathing wasn’t installed properly in the first place, or when the roof hasn’t been consistently maintained. If water is allowed to penetrate a roof, the plywood underneath it can warp, skewing the alignment of the shingles.How to Fix a Sagging RoofIn most cases, roofs suffering from significant sagging should be replaced completely. Without replacement, these roofs can become unstable over time and allow moisture to creep in. Although a whole roof replacement is certainly an investment, it pales in comparison to the cost of repair if your interior is damaged by gushing water or strong winds.For situations in which the problem is the roof sheathing, not the structural components themselves, it’s possible to remove the shingles down to the existing roof deck. From there, the sheathing is completely replaced and new shingles are laid on top.Find a Professional Roofer in GeorgiaAccent Roofing has helped hundreds of Georgians deal with pesky roof sags. We’ve seen dozens of cases in which sagging is purely an aesthetic problem. It’s entirely possible for a sagging roof to be perfectly structurally sound, but it’s incredibly important to have it professionally evaluated just in case.The differences between a functioning roof and a malfunctioning roof can…

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