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Building contractor putting the asphalt roofing on a large commercial apartment building development

4 Common Roofing Myths (You Shouldn’t Believe)

You’re not expected to know everything there is to know about roofing. You’re not a professional roofer, after all!But what you don’t know about your roof – and more importantly, what you believe that you shouldn’t – can actually cost you a lot of money in the long run. Accent Roofing has heard at all, but these are the four most common roofing myths our customers believe that you should never, ever fall for.Myth #1: It’s fine to save money by re-shingling directly on top of old shingles. While it may “save money” in the short term for a roofer to install a new roof directly on top of an old one, it will absolutely cost you thousands down the line. Doing this is called “recovering” your roof, and it’s almost always a bad idea. In order to adhere properly and to keep moisture out, roofing materials need to be installed on top of smooth, impermeable surfaces. Old membranes are more likely to be degraded or punctured, and roofing materials come a long way every year!Myth #2: I only need a roof inspection when I have a leak or visible missing shingles. Would you only go to the dentist if you had a toothache? No, you go every six months for cleaning and evaluation; the same principle holds true for roof maintenance. Your roof is one of the largest and most vulnerable components of your house, and it’s almost impossible to tell how it’s holding up from the ground. Having a professional roof inspection every year ensures no gradual issues are taking hold or that there’s no simple maintenance needed to stem off problems before they start.Myth #3: I can’t afford to replace my roof right now, so I’ll just repair it. Roof repair is delicate work. It’s often more extensive than it appears and it’s something that takes a great deal of skill and time to get right. In cases where the repairs needed are wide-ranging, it might actually be more cost effective to just go ahead and replace the whole roof. Remember, repairs are just a means to buy your roof more time. Every roof has to be replaced, eventually.Myth #4: It’s too hot/cold to replace my roof right now…the house will be too uncomfortable!A lot of people have a misconception about how long it actually takes to replace a roof. When you work with an…

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