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The nail gun is used to attach shingles to the roof.

The Characteristics of a Great Roof Replacement

A roof is an investment. Like other parts of the home, it requires maintenance to keep its structural integrity. But every 20 to 30 years, depending upon the type of materials used in the roof’s construction, a repair or replacement is required. Quality roof replacement materials in Suwanee are important to the overall longevity of the roof because the roof must withstand an array of weather conditions. In Georgia, it’s not snow and sub-zero temperatures that test a roof’s ability to withstand Mother Nature’s wrath; it’s hot, humid weather and lots of rain. Where there is humidity and warm temperatures, there is a threat of mold or mildew if adequate ventilation is not present. A great roof should enhance the architecture of the home and provide years of service. Here are our suggestions for choosing a durable, attractive roof that not only protects, but adds value to a home. Quality Roof Coverings Not all roof coverings are equal in longevity or cost. Some are more affordable than others, and some are more tolerant of hot and humid weather. From asphalt to wood shake, slate, and metal, there is a wide variety of roof materials to choose from, in an array of colors or styles that work well in the Georgia climate. The most common shingle used, asphalt, has evolved over the years and is now available in an architectural style that offers a three-dimensional appearance that works well with steep roof planes and gables. An experienced contractor will make suggestions as to the best type of roof for your home, and offer a roof replacement estimate for the cost of the job.   Good Ventilation Not only does good roof ventilation remove heat from the attic in warmer months; it dilutes and removes moist air that collects in the attic during the winter months. A humid climate like what is found in Suwannee and across Georgia, accompanied by a lack of ventilation, can lead to a buildup of moisture and heat in an attic that can damage and deteriorate roofing materials, shortening the life of a roof. Hire Reputable Contractors Every year, fraudulent and crooked roof contractors make their way across the country, scamming customers who think they are getting a good deal on a cheap roof. These homeowners are left with a shoddy roof that must be replaced, and they lose the hard-earned dollars doled out…

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