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How to Choose a New Roof for Your Home

When it’s time to get your roof replaced, you want to know that the roof you choose will serve your home well for many years to come. Hiring someone to do a roof replacement installation is a big deal. The first thing you need to do is determine whether your roof is due for a makeover. It’s Time for a New Roof A roof typically lasts for between 20-25 years. Depending on how the previous roof was installed, it may need to be replaced sooner. If your current roof was placed over the top of an older roof, rather than the old roof being removed first, you will probably need to replace it closer to that 20-year mark. If you have a lot of storm damage to your roof and it is getting close to that 20-year mark, you may choose to simply replace the roof rather than pay for repairs, only to turn around and have to replace the roof in a couple more years. You can look at your roof and know whether it needs to be replaced if you know a few key things to look for: 1.       Shingles that are curling. If the shingles are starting to curl or fall apart, it’s a good sign that they are past their prime and need to be replaced. Check the side of the roof that faces the sun. These are the shingles that will be the most worn out. 2.       Missing shingles. If you have a room that has peaks and valleys, check the valleys for missing shingles. Missing shingles in this area in particular can make your home more susceptible to leaks. Sometimes a storm can blow individual shingles off a roof. While you may be able to have this repaired without replacing the whole roof, it is best to have the roof inspected to ensure that your home is well-protected. 3.       Spongy boards on the roof. If you climb to your roof, you may notice walking around that some boards have some give to them—we describe this as “spongy”. If you notice this, it is important to have the roof repaired or replaced quickly to prevent leaks from ruining your day. Making the Call If you have questions about your roof, it’s always best to call and have the roof inspected. While the cost for repairs or replacement can be steep, estimates…

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