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Install a New Roof This Winter

Most homeowners think that they need to have their roof replacement installation done during the summer or even the fall before temperatures start to drop. You couldn't possibly replace your roof in the winter, right? Not true. It's possible to have roof repair done any time throughout the year, and there are even reasons why winter roof installation may be the best choice for you. It's the middle of a blustery winter night when a gust of wind sweeps by your home, knocking several branches off of your tree. The branches fall, cushioned by the snow on your roof. Great for the branch, but now you have damage to your roof. When damage happens to your roof, you can't wait until the spring to get it fixed. Obviously, you need to get it fixed right away. However, it doesn’t have to be an emergency for roofers to make repairs in the winter. Homeowners can have their roofs repaired whenever they need to. Waiting until summer to repair those damaged shingles allows the shingles to freeze, thaw and freeze again. This cycle can lead to more damage to your roof and leaks and damage inside your home. It’s best to have repairs done as soon as possible to save money and to prevent further damage to your roof. At Leaksmith, our roofers are professionally trained and experienced to work on your roof no matter the temperatures outside. Typically, it’s best to install a roof when temperatures are at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit.  Winter temperatures in Lawrenceville don’t often dip lower than that, so it’s almost always ideal weather for a roof install. Some roofers even prefer working in winter. Heat rises, and roofs tend to be 10-15 degrees warmer than the outside temperatures, making summer work a real rooftop sizzler! It may feel cold outside, but for the professionals on your roof, it’s the prime opportunity to work in comfortable temperatures. There are some challenges to replacing a winter roof. For example, we may slightly modify the roofing materials we use during the winter to ensure adhesives bond despite the cool temps.  At Leaksmith, we know which adhesives and shingles are best suited to work for the climate in which we install, and for the roof itself to be highly effective in the local elements. Because many people believe that roofers only work…

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